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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Contest Have Now Ended!

Okay I'll just take this quick, now have the Wegame's Christmas Machinima Contest 2008 ended and I came 7th place wich means that I will get 25$ and then X-Cross came 2nd and he'd get 300$ and because I made the music and the Wegame Logo for him he will give me 25$ so I'll get 50$! :)
First place: Northrend Wonderland by FireBolt
Second place: Kippo's X-Mas by X-Cross
Third place: WuaG: the Winter's Veil Whiners by Mushanga
Fourth place: To Home for Christmas by Baron Soosdon
And then there were 6 honorable mentions :P

I've came up with a new idea for my next machinima and I found out a way to get Orgrimmar into 3D so I will use that in my next movie so it will be Full 3D animations and alot of action but it will take some months to make the animations so it will take a while :)


Johan said...

Gief me money pl0x? :P Grattis iaf!

samuel said...

johan give me the money calix five you plix