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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Upcoming 3D Machinima!

Hey folks!
Ever since I saw The Craft of War: Blind by Percula I'd just had to do a full 3D machinima with (in this case) Orgrimmar all in 3D but it took alot of time to apply the textures to it, also to import the model but I'm done with that now. Yay! :P
The next step is to apply bone to the characters so I can move them wich takes "years" to make^^
So.. I'll be composing the music and Glenn X. Govan (Caruu) will do some of the sound designs, Caruu will also voice act and with Matt Greenburg and Jesse Cox.
So far I've done the Script and Orgrimmar in 3D so all that is left is applying skeletons to the characters, get the voices from the voice actors, edit the movie and at last... Compose the music :)

Anyway... I've bought a new little keyboard wich is really funny to make music with, (I think, haven't tried it yet but all the other people says that it's very entertaining :P) and I can't even install it because it cannot support Vista. Haha Fail! :P
Here's a little screenshot of it:

Well that is for this week so take care :)

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