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Thursday, December 25, 2008

My new movie is released!

Greetings everyone! =D

I haven't updated for a while now and just this tuesday I was walking around dressed like santa inside the biggest store in my city for two hours giving out gingerbreads to the people wich was very embarrising and very boring to be honest ^^ But luckely I were allowed to put beard on my cheek so no one could see who I was =P (Arrrgghh I should have scare my friends cus I saw a few of them at the store! xD ) poor children who started to cry when I've got to them =P
And I've also baptised me at church at 13 december and I'm very happy cus I'm christian and never got baptised when I was a kid =)

Anyway le'ts stick to the point.. just released my new movie and I've also uploaded it to the Wegame Christmas Machinima Contest
But you can't submit any more movies to it because it have ended now, the results will be shown at January 3 and we'll see how it goes :)

Watch more video games and play free games at WeGame.

I have also made a little 3D test by using Model Viewer, WoW and After Effects and I'm pretty happy with the results :)

Watch more video games and play free games at WeGame.

And then to end this I've made Kippo (X-Cross pet in his movies) dancing to a little beat.
Goodbye and Merry Christmas to ya all and I will update when I've found out the results of the contest! =)

Watch more video games and play free games at WeGame.

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