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Monday, November 24, 2008

Joining the Wegame Christmas Contest!!! :D

Yay!! The folks at WeGame have created a new Machinima Contest and this time, it is a ChristmasMachinima Contest !!! :)
I'm just so in and I have alrdy started on it, you can see the picture of it below at the other blog post.
I haven't figured a name to it yet but it will come soon I think.. If you got any suggestions you can email me please :)

I've helped X-Cross a bit on his machinima entry by composing music for him (it's a new thing for me but I think it's pretty good I must say) :P
I also think that I will compose music for my christmas machinima too.
And X-Cross have helped me with some Crazy Talk scenes because my Crazy Talk wont work, Yaarrrrggghh :(

Well that's all for today/week so see you next time and enjoy my movies :)

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