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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I just got home from a wonderful time in Greece! xD It's actually pretty beautiful there lol...
Okay I don't have so much to say right now but let's begin with these short msgs.
First off.. I've finished my Blizzcon Movie Entry and I really, really hope that they don't offend it lol you'll get what I mean when I've released the video but due to the contest rules I cannot release it until Blizzcon is over.
Second, I've also added a few more songs to my music player so you should give it a ride! ^^
That's all the news for now and stay tuned for upcoming news!


Wello said...

I can't wait for your next project! :D

Morlucit said...

Hey, it's Redtail02 from HM, i clicked a link and it brought me here. I really love what your doing with the machinima and songs! It amazes me you do this and your only 15, im 14 and i recently got into the whole machinima mind set. Your work is extremely advanced! keep up the GREAT work!
-Red out